Catholic University of Portugal considers biotech courses with USJ

The Catholic University of Portugal (UCP) has expressed its intention to collaborate with the University of St Joseph (USJ) during a visit to Macau.

The plan was announced during a meeting in Macau between the UCP delegation and Chief Executive Ho Iat Seng, the government announced in a statement.

Rector Isabel Capeloa Gil of UCP highlighted the institution’s history of training talented individuals for Macau in various professional fields. She emphasized that bilingual students proficient in both Chinese and Portuguese ​​are an important bridge between Macau and Portugal.

She expressed the university’s desire to continue to deepen cooperation with Macau through academic exchanges between higher education institutions, professional training, and fostering relations between both parties.

Agreeing with the rector’s comments on the importance of talent aquisition for Macau, Ho recalled meeting Macau students in Portugal back in April, highlighting their stated commitment to returning to Macau upon completion of their studies.

Ho stated that Macau is dedicated to developing big health and biotechnology industries, expressing hopes that the university would encourage students from Macau to pursue these disciplines. AL

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