Causes of road sinkhole under investigation

A crater on the road leading to the Sai Van Bridge in Taipa

The government is investigating the causes behind a sinkhole that appeared near the entrance of one of Macau’s bridges, the government reported yesterday during a press conference on  typhoon Mangkhut.

The road’s contractor is already following up, and the government will release further information later, though it expects to have the affected road repaired within one week.

Other damage recorded by the Civil Protection Action Center totaled 523 incidents, including 69 felled trees and 320 instances of fallen scaffolding at construction sites. Forty people were injured in the typhoon, 12 of which were female, but most of the injuries were considered to be light in terms of severity.

The government received 1,196 calls requesting assistance, and 3,262 calls for inquiries.

From midnight yesterday until the start of the press conference at 3 p.m., the Civic and Municipal Affairs Bureau (IACM), together with cleaning companies and other parties, had collected 455 tons of trash. 

Trash cars deployed increased from 11 to 19 vehicles. IACM lent scooters to residents for conveying goods.

In total, 3,700 trees sustained damage: 2,200 had broken branches, while 1,500 fell to the ground.

As of 3 p.m. yesterday, IACM collected 75 tons of broken branches and fallen leaves.

IACM has a total of 2,100 volunteers, including 500 ordinary residents, 400 civil servants, and 1,200 people from the city’s associations, providing aid in the clean-up process.

Regarding taxi infractions, a police representative reported that 29 overcharging cases and 10 cases of refusing to take passengers were recorded. JZ

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