CE meets with trade unions, suggests residents try other career paths

In a meeting with a local organization, the Chief Executive (CE) Ho Iat Seng once again “encouraged workers to adjust their mentality, so as to try a different profession according to their own aptitudes.”

To achieve this, the CE revealed that relevant authorities such as the Labour Affairs Bureau (DSAL) would continue to provide training aimed at improving workers’ elasticity and technical skills.

Earlier this week, the government head met with a delegation from the Macao Federation of Trade Unions (FAOM) to gather opinions for his upcoming Policy Address.

The CE thanked the FAOM delegates for their opinions and suggestions. In reply to questions presented by the FAOM on employment and associated training, the CE replied that the government has been committed to creating the conditions for these.

For example, the CE mentioned that last year, government rolled-out a plan to revamp public washrooms. The project is part of the “work over subsidy” approach recommended by the government.

He also revealed that next year, the government intends to increase the budget for investment in public infrastructure, which could provide more jobs for local residents.

As for other financial support, FAOM’s vice president Lam Lon Wai complimented the CE on the effectiveness of the existing consumption subsidies. About 80% of the subsidy funds have been used, benefiting around 60% of local small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs).

However, the CE did not expressly respond to whether further monetary boosts to consumption will be available next year, however the Secretary for Economy and Finance, Lei Wai Nong, has been instructed to study the possibility.

The topic of cash handouts was not discussed at the meeting.

At the same meeting, FAOM President Ho Sut Heng expressed satisfaction on behalf of the organization with the eight measures to support SMEs and low-income workers.

She added that the FAOM hoped the government would further strengthen these measures and broaden the number of those able to benefit, in order to help more residents by alleviating their economic pressures.

Choi Kam Fu, deputy director-general of the FAOM, said after the meeting that questions of employment protection for workers in the gambling industry were raised, in light of the government having commenced public consultation for the review of the Gaming Law.

He explained that the organization calls for a standardized method in handling furloughs and leave due to force majeure. In support of this measure, the FAOM executive noted that employees of different gambling concessionaires were treated differently if they fell within the government-designated yellow or red zones.



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