City records relapse Covid-19 case

A Macau resident who was diagnosed abroad with Covid-19 has relapsed, the Novel Coronavirus Coordination and Response Centre confirmed. The resident was tested upon arrival in Macau on October 11 and the results came back positive.

The resident is a 20-year-old unvaccinated man who was diagnosed previously with Covid-19 on August 28 in the United States.

On October 9, the man flew from Detroit to San Francisco on flight DL2980 in seat 43E, after receiving a negative result from a nucleic acid test (NAT) conducted in the U.S. a day earlier. On the same day (October 9), he flew from San Francisco to Singapore on flight SQ033 in seat 37H. On October 11, the man flew from Singapore to Macau on flight TR904 in seat 37E.

Upon arrival, he was subjected to a NAT, returning a presumptive positive result. His Covid-19 antibody test results came back positive, and the patient was then brought to the Public Health Clinical Centre in Coloane.

Since the patient had been previously diagnosed abroad and did not present with any symptoms, the case has been classified as a relapsed case, not an imported case. Staff Reporter




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