Corporate Bits | Hong Kong jet announces upgraded maintenance for g550s

Hongkong Jet has announced the upgrade and expansion of its HKAR-145 maintenance capabilities to include the ability to certify the Gulfstream G550 to 144MOS/12C level.

The G550 aircraft type first entered into service in around 2003 and as aircraft age, the checks required to keep them flying become more in-depth and complex.

Under the new approval upgrade, the entire Greater China fleet of 40 G550s are now covered under the company’s Hong Kong 145 and Joint Maintenance Management approvals.

Diarmuid O’Shea, head of maintenance at Hongkong Jet said, “the biggest saving for any aircraft owner is to protect the residual value of the aircraft, so we are working to ensure we can continue to provide our world-class maintenance services for the entire fleet as it ages.”

Six Portuguese easter delicacies on offer at fado

Luís Américo, the executive chef at Hotel Royal’s FADO restaurant, is unveiling six Portuguese delicacies for a limited Easter period, March 25 to April 2.

The six dishes are two appetizers, two main courses and two desserts.

The appetizers are “pan-fried scallops with mushrooms, crispy puff shell and lobster cream sauce” and “Portuguese-style cod sashimi with cold tomato soup, olive oil and parsley.”

Meanwhile, patrons can expect two new additions to the main courses menu; namely “charcoal-grilled octopus leg, red bell-pepper and black garlic mayonnaise with lightly- smoked artichokes” and “Easter lamb chops with corn textures and spinach stew.”

The two desserts on offer are a selection of surprise Easter eggs with Portuguese crème brulée or Portuguese Easter sponge cake with cinnamon and pumpkin jam.

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