Corporate Bits | Sands China extends paid maternity leave

Sands China is increasing the amount of paid maternity leave for all eligible team members effective from May 18, 2018, extending the total leave period from 56 days to 70 days.
Wilfred Wong, president of Sands China, said, as cited in a press statement, “the company hopes team members will enjoy having this additional time at home with their families to welcome their newborns into the world and enjoy the blessings of motherhood.”

“We are glad this increased maternity leave gives team members more time to be fully present for these milestone life events,” the president added.
In addition to the maternity leave update, the gaming operator also recently established a five-day paid paternity leave scheme for its team
members, which took effect in February.

MGM increases maternity, paternity leave

MGM has announced an increase in maternity and paternity benefits for all eligible team members, which will take effect from June 1, in support of the government’s proposal to amend the labor law.
Under the enhanced benefits, the duration of paid maternity leave will be
increased from 56 calendar days to 70 calendar days.

Meanwhile, the duration of paid paternity leave is being extended to five working days, up from the current two working days.
As cited in a press statement, Grant Bowie, CEO and executive director of MGM China, said, “The extended duration of paid maternity and paternity leave is our appreciation to the dedication of our team members, as well as part of our commitment to build on our caring and family-friendly culture.”

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