Covid-19 | 22,000 people required to take high-frequency NATs

According to information provided by Dr. Tai Wah Hou yesterday, the government will require 22,000 people to undertake high-frequency nucleic acid tests (NAT) based on their nationality and occupation. The same official said yesterday that almost all of these people have undertaken at least one test, and a majority have completed two.

Tai explained that the high-frequency tests have been ordered for these groups – which include three professions and two nationalities (Vietnamese and Nepalese people) – because these communities are “very close.”

“For the time being, we are only considering the three professions and two nationalities. We chose them because there were cases confirmed among those communities and, although there are not many cases, we know that these immigrant communities that came to work in Macau often meet together on their days off,” Tai said. Tai added, “They have no additional risk [in comparison with other communities], but they are groups that are very close and in a very close contact with each other.”

Questioned on whether the health authorities are considering extending this measure to other immigrant communities such as the Filipino community, Tai said that that is not being considered at present.

He also noted that those who are currently not employed and hold temporary permits to remain in Macau are also required to undertake the NAT. This requirement will be verified by the immigration authorities when the time comes to renew these permits.

According to information provided by the representative of the Public Security Police Force, foreign workers who cannot show proof of the NAT when they present to the immigration authorities to renew their permits will be required to do it before they can apply for a renewal of the document.


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