Covid-19 | PSP to follow up on potential illegalities by patients 74 and 75

The Public Security Police Force (PSP) will follow up on suspicions of illegal activity related to patients number 74 and 75, chief of PSP’s Department of Planning and Operations Ma Chio Hong said yesterday during the regular Covid-19 press briefing.
Ma, who cited concerns aired in the community about the legal status of the patients, went on to say that the police authorities are investigating the cases and will follow up with the two people as soon as their Covid-19 treatment ends.
The police chief confirmed that they are both suspected of working and/or living in an illegal situation.
In response to later media questions he added that patient 74 is confirmed to be in possession of a permit to stay in Macau, although he is suspected of performing illegal work. In the case of patient 75, Ma said she does not possess any permit or even a record of entering the borders of Macau, and is suspected of being an illegal immigrant.
As both patients are undergoing treatment in isolation, Ma said that the police can only follow up on their cases after they are released from hospitalization.
The patient classified as number 74 is a 40-year-old male from Vietnam, and number 75 is a 42-year-old woman also from Vietnam. They are suspected to have been infected with Covid-19 while working with patients number 72 and 73 on the renovation of an apartment unit located in the Kam Toi Lei Fa Yun building in Macau.

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