Crime | Drug dealer arrested again

A 47-year-old Nigerian man with a history of drug trafficking has been arrested by the police on suspicion of drug trafficking, following his release from prison last year.
The Judiciary Police (PJ) recently received intelligence that someone was selling drugs in Toi San nightclubs. A police officer located and intercepted the target. He was found to have six packets of ketamine and one packet of cocaine hidden in socks at his home, with a black-market value of around MOP10,000.
A total of about MOP220,000 in cash was also found in the residence. He denied drug abuse and drug trafficking. The police said that his urine test was negative but he could not explain the source of the drugs and money.
According to the PJ, the man was imprisoned for drug trafficking in September 2001 but, because of assaults committed in prison, was not released until August last year. MDT

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