CRIME | Man accused of drugging and raping woman

mainland resident has been charged for non-consensual sexual offences, the Judiciary Police (PJ) reported yesterday.

According to a PJ report, a 25-year-old mainland woman has said she was raped after losing consciousness following a dinner with a man she met shortly beforehand.

PJ was notified of the crime in the early hours of Sunday morning. According to PJ, the victim met the suspect, a 37-year-old mainland resident surnamed Chen, on a casino shuttle bus, on Saturday, while she was going from NAPE to Cotai.

Having become acquainted with each other, Chen invited the victim to have dinner with him and three of his friends that night in Taipa.

During the dinner, the victim had two half-glasses of wine, after which she lost consciousness. When she regained consciousness, she realized she was inside a hotel room and was being raped.

According to PJ’s investigation, it has been confirmed that the victim was carried out of the dinner venue by two of the four men she had dinner with. The four men took the victim to the hotel room, and three of them left the room, leaving Chen inside with her.

Soon after midnight on Sunday morning, the victim woke up and left the room, seeking help from the hotel staff.

When the police arrived at the alleged crime scene, Chen was still inside the room. He denied the accusation.

The victim said that she is a cosmetic professional in mainland China, and that she came to Macau alone on March 7, during her holidays.

Chen claimed to be a businessman in China. At the time of writing, Chen is the only suspect arrested.

Thief steals MOP1 million from household

A household was reported to have lost at least one million patacas in a robbery, PJ reported yesterday.

The house is located at the Estr. de Sete Tanques. The resident of the property left the house on March 7 and returned on March 10, when she discovered she could not open the house. 

After breaking one of the windows and entering the house, the owner noticed that a few of her possessions had been stolen.

A police investigation concluded that thieves entered the house through the backyard.

The owner is unclear about the exact value of the losses, but she claimed to have lost jewelry and jade stones, and some other items, adding up to one million patacas.

Two men charged for throwing things off buildings

A local resident and a mainland resident have been charged for disobeying the regulations of public spaces, the PSP said yesterday. The local man, surnamed Lau, is 67 years old, and the mainlander is 46 years old. Both work on refurbishment projects. The men, while working in a unit located on the second floor of a building, threw more than 20 chairs off the second floor to the ground floor. They chose to throw the chairs instead of carrying them downstairs to save time.

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