CRIME | Man allegedly blackmailed with doctored video

The Judiciary Police (PJ) has received a report from a resident who has claimed to have been extorted with a tampered video.
A PJ spokesperson revealed yesterday that the man met a woman named Miyuki Wong through Facebook around a month ago. On November 22, the woman allegedly asked the man to partake in a video chat on Skype, which lasted for 10 minutes. Soon after the Skype session was over, which the man claimed was not a naked chat, he received a link that led to a video clip. While the upper half of the video showed his face, he further claimed that the lower half showed the naked lower body of another man. The link was accompanied by a threat that the video would be released if the man did not transfer USD5,000 to an account through Western Union.  According to the man, the video was doctored and hence reported to the police without complying with the blackmailer’s demands.
In a separate case, a female croupier was detained after she allegedly stole cash from guests while changing chips for them.
The incident was reported to the PJ by the casino that employed the suspect. After reviewing the surveillance footage, PJ investigators have found that the woman had, 14 times in 11 days, withheld part of the cash from guests when changing chips for them. Surveillance footage showed that she hid the money in her palm or deliberately dropped the cash before placing it in her shoes. It is believed that she has taken around MOP10,000 from clients.
The PJ spokesperson said that the suspect refused to cooperate during the investigation and refused to answer any questions. However, authorities claimed that they have enough evidence to prove that she took the money and have handed her over to the Public Prosecution Office. JPL

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