CRIME | Manager and hotel staff accused of procuring prostitution

male hotel manager and a female staff member, both local residents, have been accused of procuring prostitution due to a complaint from a young Kazakhstani woman, the Judiciary Police (PJ) spokesperson reported this week.

The case dates back to September 6, when the 22-year-old victim filed a complaint against the manager with the PJ, saying that he was forcing her to provide prostitution services at the hotel.

The woman had been working in Macau for over six months, and was said to have been hired as a dancer at a club operating in the hotel. After she started working, the hotel manager forced her to accept prostitution jobs from which she would make her salary.

The meetings would be organized by the manager in one of the hotel rooms specifically for that purpose and she would receive MOP1,500 for each client.

After the police detained the manager for investigation, it was revealed a 34-year-old woman and local resident working at the same venue had helped attract clients at least once, conducting them to the room while she called the victim to meet them.

The PJ said that it has enough evidence from surveillance footage of the tasks done by the woman and hence she was also charged with prostitution procurement.

When questioned by the PJ on why she took so long (approximately six months) to file the complaint, the victim said that she was compelled to complain after a dispute with the manager. RM

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