CRIME | PJ warns against new phone fraud tactic

The Judiciary Police (PJ) has urged residents to be vigilant against a new phone fraud tactic involving the impersonation of mainland police and post office personnel.
In a public notice released on Friday, PJ revealed that it has received multiple phone fraud reports in which a scammer called victims while pretending to be staff from a Zhuhai post office.
The criminal would tell the victim that an urgent parcel awaited the victim in Shanghai. They would ask the victim to disclose their personal information and at the same time give the victim a mainland number, claiming that it was the enquiry number of a mainland police station.
The victim would then receive a call from the ‘police station’ in which another scammer, impersonating a police officer, would inform the victim that their personal information was stolen. They then asked the victim to open a new bank account in Zhuhai and transfer all their savings to the new account.
The criminal would then ask the victim to go to a Zhuhai hotel and log into their bank account through the hotel’s network, as well as plugging the bank-issued identity verification device into the computer.
After following the ‘advice’, the victim would find out that their account had been emptied.
PJ stated that no public departments would ask residents to transfer their money to other bank accounts. It also urged residents to report suspected criminal activity. JPL

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