Crime | Suspects stand firm against evidence of lies, say police

Two suspects in two unrelated cases have refused to cooperate with law enforcement agencies, maintaining their innocence even after they were found to be lying. The Judiciary Police (PJ) reported the two cases during yesterday’s joint press conference of police authorities.
One of the cases involves a local man in his 60s surnamed Ng. On February 15, Ng met with several friends at a restaurant located in the Fai Chi Kei area, where he became drunk during dinner. Despite this, Ng rode his motorbike immediately afterwards and collided with a truck.
The Public Security Police Force (PSP) tested Ng and found he had a blood alcohol level of 1.54 g/l. Ng disputed the results of the PSP’s test and was then sent to the Conde S. Januário Hospital (CHCSJ) for another test. However, the CHCSJ test found he had an even higher blood alcohol level of 1.85 g/l.
Only when the results of the hospital’s test were presented to him did Ng finally admit he had consumed alcohol. He was passed on to the prosecution authority that the same day.
The second case involves a local Macau man who claimed to have a diagnosed mental health condition and Covid-19 in order to avoid legal responsibilities. Reported yesterday by the Times, the PJ offered more information during yesterday’s press conference.
On February 25, the suspect, an unemployed man and Macau resident surnamed Chow, visited a supermarket in the Toi San area. There, he stole some fruit, and frozen and canned foods, hiding the food inside a white shopping bag he carried with him. The products were worth a total of 150 patacas.
Supermarket security staff noticed Chow was behaving suspiciously. Security tried to stop him when he was leaving the supermarket without paying for the products.
Chow attempted to run but was apprehended by a security staff member and a nearby police officer.
Upon being detained, Chow told the police authority he had recently been to Hubei, and that he was infected with the novel coronavirus in addition to having a mental illness. Later, the police authority visited his wife at his home. The wife said that Chow had no recent record of visiting Hubei, and that he was lying about his novel coronavirus infection as well as his mental health.
The police authority took Chow to CHCSJ, where it was confirmed he was not infected with the virus. The police also said that yesterday he was not found to be under the influence of drugs.
Chow denied the accusations of theft and refused to speak to police. He was sent to the prosecution authority that the same day.

Fake crime report filed

A mainland man filed a fake crime report to the police authority, hoping to use police powers to track down his investment partner. The man, surnamed Jian, is a 28-year-old unemployed mainland resident. On January 21, Jian reported to the Judiciary Police (PJ) that he had lost 210,000 Hong Kong dollars in a fraudulent scheme involving a casino investment opportunity. He accused a specific man of tricking him into investing money in Macau’s casinos. The PJ found Jian’s report suspicious because he had failed to provide further details about the scam. Later, Jian revealed to the PJ that he had faked the report because the unknown man had promised to absorb half of any eventual losses resulting from the investment. However, after Jian lost half of his money to the investment, the man disappeared.

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