CTM upgrades infrastructure to enhance cybersecurity

Infrastructure has been constantly upgraded in order to achieve a higher level of cybersecurity, telecom service provider CTM said in a statement.
“Before the implementation of Macau’s Cybersecurity Law, both CTM Network Management Center (NMC) and Data Center had already obtained ISO international certification, demonstrating [that] CTM’s network and information security capabilities have reached international level,” the telecom service provider said in a statement.
According to CTM, after the enactment of the law, the company made consistent investments to upgrade its Network Management Center and Security Operation Center (SOC2). It aims to further enhance its capabilities in safeguarding information and network security, as well as to provide cybersecurity services for other enterprises to facilitate their compliance with requirements of security standards and the Cybersecurity Law.
The new SOC2 complements CTM’s Data Center, which is of international third-level standard, supporting SIEM and situation awareness technologies by the task force to provide 24-hour monitoring.
SOC2 also provides comprehensive solutions for cloud infrastructure, networks and security, enabling enterprises to comply with the relevant requirements of the Cybersecurity Law and to meet the demand for high-level information and network security with limited investment in resources.
Additionally, the newly upgraded Network Management Center is equipped with a real-time network information display system and advanced network traffic monitoring equipment, enabling the team to see the real-time operational status of network systems.
The center is equipped with network alarm facilities and Big Data application systems, enabling technicians to implement measures, such as network node traffic control, through precise prediction and evaluation at any time, so as to guarantee safe operation of the network.
Declan Leong, vice president of Network Services at CTM, said in the statement that enterprises have increased their attention to information, data and network security. AL

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