CTT introduces online tool for authentication

The Macau Post and Telecommunications Bureau (CTT) has launched an ‘eSignCloud Service’ to provide a safe, reliable and user-friendly online signing tool.

The tool is capable of providing real-name authentication for government departments, business organizations and individual users.

CTT said in a statement that the ‘eSignCloud Service’ enables users to sign electronic documents on mobile devices while guaranteeing security, convenience and legal effectiveness.

Online applications can be also be integrated with the ‘eSignCloud Service’ and turned into online ‘eSignable’ services enabling real-name authentication of users’ identities and to increase the legal effect of signing using the service.

The enhanced security and convenience of the ‘eSignCloud Service’ is intended to boost public confidence regarding the security and legal effectiveness of online services and transactions.

The newly launched service will be used by the ‘Online Request for Written Information in Electronic Format Service’ of the Legal Affairs Bureau during the service’s first phase.

CTT said that it will also introduce the service to government departments, business organizations and associations.

To apply for the ‘eSignCloud Service’, every user is required to create an ‘eSignCloud Service’ account with their own electronic certificate.

The ‘eSignCloud Service’ can be used in conjunction with the free ‘eSignTrust Mobile One-Time Password’ (eSignTrust MOTP) mobile application to enable two-factor authentication for stronger protection.

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