Economic Housing | Seniors’ residence mockup presented, 1,815 units will be available

The Social Welfare Bureau (IAS) has revealed the final design of the public housing specifically designated for senior residents to the public. To be built at the Avenida do Nordeste, the housing will be constructed at one of the land plots of the former development known as Pearl Horizon.
The building will include 37 floors in total, 33 of which will be dedicated to 1,815 studio apartment units solely for senior residents, including those who currently live with mobility challenges and at present, reside in old buildings without elevators and appropriate accommodations for their needs.
The 1,815 units are all similar in size and design. These units only have the option of one large bed or two twin beds in the apartment.
According to the IAS, the apartments are intended to provide a barrier-free living space for senior residents and will include facilities such as electric powered curtains, and an electric clothesline that can be raised and lowered with the touch of a button. The apartments will be equipped with other special amenities and safety features such as fall detectors and emergency assistance buttons.
The building comes with a garden area, a canteen, a communal area on the third floor, a daily care center on the second floor, and a health services center on the first floor.
According to the IAS walkthrough of the venue, extra attention will be paid to the construction materials so that residents do not slip or hurt themselves.
Located on the third floor of Mong-Há Public Housing – Mong Tak Building at the Rua de Francisco de Xavier Pereira, the exhibition hall will be open to visits for those interested in inspecting the space and facilities from Tuesday to Sunday.

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