Elections 2021 | CAEAL draws for ballot positions, discourages ‘white ballots’

The Legislative Assembly Electoral Affairs Commission (CAEAL) conducted a draw yesterday to determine the order of candidate lists in the upcoming parliamentary election, while at the same time expressing disapproval of the practice of casting “white ballots.”
Now that the order of the 14 lists has been determined, the election has entered the campaign-free period, meaning that no campaign rallies may be conducted. The campaign-free period will end on August 28.
The CAEAL previously disqualified 21 individuals across six different lists from the election. Certain members of the public were unhappy with the decision and pledged to cast blank votes to express their dissatisfaction.
President of the CAEAL, Tong Hio Fong, said that the commission disapproves of any “actions that intentionally or unintentionally disturb the electoral procedures.” He, however, added that voters are free to make their own choice.
Despite a smaller number of lists being accepted, the budget and arrangements for the election will remain largely unchanged, the CAEAL head said, adding that “money that ought to be spent shall be spent.”
The order of the lists has been posted at the Public Administration Building and on the CAEAL website. AL

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