Environment | Lawmaker concerned about impact of waste policy

Lawmaker Au Kam San questioned the government about its progress regarding Macau’s construction waste, in particular the inert waste which is commonly designated as public landfill.

In a written inquiry issued to the government, Au started by reminding the government that, back in 2015, it announced a plan to transport inert construction waste to Guangdong to be reused, as well as to install a construction waste selection facility to select waste for use in Macau’s land reclamation.

The plan was expected to be implemented somewhere during 2016.  “However, what’s puzzling is that [the plan] should have been implemented a long time ago. Furthermore, in view of the daily 2,000 tonnes of processing capacity, the construction waste landfill should not continue growing,” said Au.

“Were there any setbacks in the plan which prevented it from being able to achieve the desired effects? [It seems that] the related construction waste can be used here [in Macau] after being selected […], which means that using it for Macau’s land reclamation will be faster than transporting it to the mainland or other regions, therefore saving a lot of money for shipping operations,” Au’s inquiry reads.

The lawmaker also addressed these questions to the other mainland destinations where this waste is routinely transported.

“Mainland China announced it will cease the importing of foreign trash. […] Will this affect the agreement [regarding the shipping of Macau’s inert construction waste to mainland]?” Au asked.

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