Eviction for problem tenants with three months unpaid rent

The government plans to revise the requirement for initiating the simplified eviction process from five months’ rent arrears to three months. The deposit will no longer be allowed to offset rent.

The Legislative Assembly’s First Standing Committee has discussed the bill aimed at amending the Civil Procedure Code and the eviction litigation system to address issues related to problematic tenants.

During the meeting, committee chairman Ella Lei stated that the bill also outlines the prerequisites for applications so that the eviction procedure is simplified. These include delay in rent payment for any period of five months. After considering feedback from committee members, the government has agreed to revise the requirement to three months, as many members believe it to be more appropriate.

Additionally, the government has decided to delete the provision allowing deposits to be used to offset rents, as such may lead to practical problems not in line with current legal requirements.

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