FIA medical delegate conducts MGP training session


For the smooth operation of the Grand Prix, the Macau Grand Prix Committee invited current Extrication Consultant Dr. Jean Jacques Issermann and FIA Medical Delegate Dr. Jacques Tropenat to Macau to conduct a two-day training course for the local rescue team over the weekend. The doctors provided professional instructions, shared their experiences, and gave practical demonstrations.
A total of 20 doctors and 48 firemen participated in the course. The training was divided into three sessions covering every element of the motorsport rescue, including equipment operations, instantaneous solutions for sudden occurrences, introductions to the equipment and skills required for rapid medical rescue, and communication with the race control when the rescue is being implemented. Rescue team members also carried out simulated incident exercises and completed practical procedures and examinations, ensuring that every rescue team member understood the medical and first aid procedures in the rescue process.
After the training course and examination, all members of the Macau Grand Prix rescue team received certification from the FIA, confirming that the local rescue team has met international standards and will ensure that the rescue work is  performed appropriately during the Grand Prix.

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