Food review | Deluxe to-go sushi 

Anyone who loves Japanese food knows that high-quality sushi can be expensive.
There are supermarkets and shops selling extremely affordable machine-made sushi, yet the “texture of rice is off and cannot be compared to the handmade sushi that is carefully prepared with traditional cooking methods and just the right amount of flavors that complement various ingredients,” told me Chef Lawrence Chen over a custom-made dish of sushi, sashimi and tempura worth a thousand patacas at his downtown cozy sushi bar.
Well, it would cost that at a bar in a 5-star hotel.
Chen, the owner of Sushi Jiang (Rua de S. Lourenço, 21), sources premium ingredients like toro and French oysters from the same suppliers with whom 5-star hotels work.
A restaurateur who spent years in Taiwan, Lawrence has taken inspiration from the region’s to-go establishments and came up with a sushi concept that enable diners to enjoy fresh, handmade sushi at an affordable price.
The price of toro stands at 2 patacas per gram, while numerous types of sashimi including hamachi and salmon are sold at reasonable prices.
The soy sauce is made “with an ancient Japanese secret recipe” and miso soup with fish bone stock is served with rice dishes daily. Another must-try dish is the sumptuous, creamy panna cotta that ends any meal with complete satisfaction.
Along comes the sake. Paulo Coutinho, MDT

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