Fraudster withdraws HKD9m from VIP room account

A mainland man surnamed Zheng fraudulently withdrew HKD9 million from an account in a casino VIP room. He was caught by the Judiciary Police (PJ) after he attempted to withdraw further funds from the account. Police information suggests that a criminal gang first stole the identity of the victim and then used it to apply for a new SIM card for a number registered under the victim’s name in order to impersonate him. Later, the suspect Zheng went to a VIP room, claiming that he was entrusted by the victim, and successfully took out HKD9 million from the victim’s account. The man and his associates then tried to withdraw the remaining HKD10 million in the account after realizing that there was more cash left. However, they did not know that a message had already been sent to another of the victim’s phones about the previous withdrawal. The victim then went to the VIP room to investigate the matter. When Zheng appeared at the room again, he was intercepted by casino staff members and handed over to the PJ. The authorities are still trying to locate the suspect’s associates and the stolen money.

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