Further amendments to quarantine hotel assignments

Secretary for Social Affairs and Culture Elsie Ao Ieong announced yesterday that the government has implemented new arrangements for the assignment of quarantine hotels. Entrants to Macau will be categorized with reference to the origin of their travel. Those from low-risk areas will not be quarantined, which is the measure already in effect.
Entrants from high-risk areas, by contrast, will be quarantined at the Public Health Clinical Center in Coloane.
In addition, a specific hotel will be designated for workers at quarantine hotels who are exposed to higher infection risks at work, such as janitors and security guards. They will be managed in a closed loop.
Those from mid-risk areas will still be quarantined, but compliance measures will be slightly tightened.
Officers from the police forces and the Health Bureau will conduct spot checks to ensure the correct implementation of disease control guidelines.
The frequency of regular PCR tests will also be increased in the hopes of pinpointing potential new infections as early as possible. AL

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