GD-MO partnership key to timely announcement of nuclear incidents: Security chief

A partnership platform between Macau SAR and Guangdong Province has been key to the timely release of any nuclear incidents in the neighboring province, stated Secretary for Security Wong Sio Chak.

Macau was the host of a recent nuclear emergency meeting that saw the participation of a delegation from the Guangdong government, the Unitary Police Service (SPU) announced in a statement.

The Guangdong delegation was led by Zhang Shaokang, Director of the Guangdong Provincial Nuclear Emergency Committee and Vice Governor of the Provincial People’s Government. Wong led the meeting on the Macau side.

During his introduction at the meeting, Wong said that the Guangdong and Macao Cooperation Consensus on Nuclear Accident Emergency Response at Guangdong Nuclear Power Plants – signed in 2018 – allows the SAR government to promptly release accurate information about Guangdong’s nuclear incidents to Macau residents.

In Wong’s opinion, it will help to “effectively eliminate Macau people’s doubts about nuclear power safety, maintain social stability and enable the people to consciously guard against nuclear safety risks.”

It is also expected that both parties will continue to deepen cooperation, strengthen communication, continue to promote the cultivation of nuclear safety culture and continuously improve awareness of nuclear risks and emergency response capabilities.In response, Zhang said that Guangdong-Macau cooperation has achieved remarkable results in information notification, technical exchanges, and public opinion response, achieving the expected goals of cooperation and exchange and making important contributions to maintaining the economic and social stability of the Greater Bay Area.

He also hopes to further strengthen exchanges with Macau, improve the official information release mechanism, strengthen technical exchanges, business training, visits and study, and more, so as to deepen nuclear emergency cooperation between Guangdong and Macau and jointly promote the continuous improvement of the nuclear emergency capabilities of both parties. AL

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