GEG hosts sharing session for Olympic gold medalists

Amid the visit of Olympic gold medalists to Macau, Galaxy Entertainment Group (GEG) invited athletes to share their experiences with nearly 300 students of the University of Macau’s Lui Che Woo College.

The gold medalists included gymnasts Tong Fei, Li Xiao Shuang and Yang Wei; divers Qin Kai and He Zi; sport shooter Guo Wen Jun; and badminton player Zhao Yun Lei .

The event was part of the “Olympic Gold Medalists Visit Macau Series Activities – Energetic Visit 2019,” the gaming operator stated in a press release.

During the sharing session, the medalists talked about how they had prepared for the Olympic Games in terms of mental preparation and physical training.

Buddy Lam, senior vice president of Public Relations at GEG, remarked, “Through this event, GEG allows the youth to listen to the national Olympic gold medalists sharing in person, who have achieved remarkable results in the sports field after years of hard work. The encouragement from the athletes could enlighten and inspire the youth.”

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