Gov’t disapproves of fixed ratio for non-local employees

The local government has clearly stated that it is unsuitable for Macau to set a fixed ratio for the number of local and non-local employees working for gaming operators.
The confirmation was included the Labour Affairs Bureau (DSAL) reply to lawmaker Ella Lei’s interpellation.
“It is unsuitable to mandatorily control the companies’ or the industry’s number and percentage of non-local employees,” the DSAL stated.
They explained that it is necessary for Macau to continue improving its competitiveness in the market and position Macau as a world tourism and leisure center as well as a city of gastronomy.
“As a result, it is only suitable [for the bureau] to make more flexible and more practical adjustments in regard to human resources,” the DSAL said.
This specific statement only seems to concern “unskilled” workers. According to the DSAL, the Macau SAR government has already implemented a policy requiring the six gaming operators to ensure that 85% of its executive or managers are Macau residents.
When considering a blue-card application, the Labour Affairs Bureau considers Macau’s overall economic and social environment, and supply and demand in the human resource market. JZ

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