Great Times | How to enjoy cheese, according to the experts

Cheese is one of the most beloved foods in the world, but it takes a sophisticated palate to fully appreciate it’s diverse deliciousness. But how exactly do you become a cheese aficionado? The Aux Beaux Arts restaurant in MGM MACAU has the answer. MGM is always offering new food experiences and this time it’s a cheese add-on weekend brunch by renowned cheesemongers Les Frères Marchand, where you can take your passion for cheese to the next level.

With a family history of passionate cheese makers, Les Frères Marchand have been aging cheeses since 1880. They’ve been voted the most “Traditional Cheesemaker of the Year” in Paris and also hold the Guinness World Record for the largest cheese platter. For many years they’ve travelled the globe to spread their love of cheese, share their knowledge and learn from other cultures. Now, they’re coming to MGM to host an expert’s guide to cheese brunch event. 

For the brunch, Patrice Marchand from the Marchand family will prepare a selection of 32 gourmet cheeses from different categories: goat’s and ewe’s milk, bloomy rind, mountain cheese and blue cheese, 2 of which are exclusive to Les Frères Marchand – Brie De Meaux Truffle Les Frères Marchand and Le Petit Gros Lorrain Des Frères Marchand. Through Patrice’s expertise you’ll be taught the ways of a true cheese connoisseur, learning the correct eating order to enhance the flavours. And it’s not just about the cheese, there will also be condiments, bread and a wide selection of wine specially chosen by Aux Beaux Arts’ sommelier to pair perfectly with each cheese.

Visit Aux Beaux Arts on September 28 & 29 from 11:00 to 15:30 to enjoy a spread of some of the finest cheeses in the world at one of the biggest cheese events in Macau!

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