Haze causes trouble for maritime and air transportation

The screen of dense fog that has been hovering over the region the last couple of days has brought problems for both air and maritime transportation. The effects of the haze were felt most intensely on Friday (February 12), leading the Marine and Water Bureau to implement restrictions on maritime traffic, namely by establishing a one-way traffic system at all ferry piers from about 2 p.m. to 5 p.m. on that day. This protective measure caused delays that in some cases exceeded 30 minutes. The fog also affected the air traffic in and out of Macau, especially on Friday afternoon. This resulted in detours for at least four flights, which were forced to land at neighboring airports, and delays for at least seven other flights that were scheduled to take off from the local airport.

coluna-Run to the top of Macau Tower attracts 600

As part of the celebration activities for the Lunar New Year in the territory, a long-distance run to the top of Macau Tower took place yesterday morning.
A group of about 600 runners participated in the event, which included a 4,000-meter road run before the participants climbed 1,298 steps to the 61st floor of Macau Tower. As for the results, the winner of the men’s category was Gi Ka Man from Hong Kong with the total time of 22 minutes and 43 seconds. In the women’s category, the win was awarded to Macau runner Hoi Long, who completed the distance in 26 minutes and 15 seconds.

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