HK’s TV drama cast returns to Macau

In the first year after Macau’s handover to China, a romance-themed TV drama was produced in Macau. Literally titled “The Moonlight at the 5th of October [Street]” in Chinese, the 20-episode drama “Return of Cuckoo” was filmed with Macau as the principal shooting location. Now, a movie based on the TV series is going to be made.
The pre-shooting press conference was held yesterday, sponsored and supported by The Venetian Macao, that is offering venues for filming. All the leading cast members including Chilam Cheung, Charmaine Sheh, Nancy Sit, Michael Tong, Jacquelin Ch’ng, Helen Ma, Sean Pang and script-writer and director Patrick Kong attended the event at the historic Rua da Felicidade, where many scenes were formerly shot.
Between July and August 2000, the drama was broadcasted on Hong Kong’s TVB channel, and obtained a three million viewership result for the final episode. Not only was it ranked as the second highest rating of local TV dramas in HK TV history, but its two leading roles, Mr Chilam Cheung and Ms Charmaine Sheh, were also voted the audience’s “Favorite On-screen Partners” of TVB’s annual awards.

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