IC defends not publicizing long list of potential heritage sites

Publicizing a list of more than 100 properties of potential historic significance may jeopardize the goodwill of preserving them, Leong Wai Man, Vice President of the Cultural Affairs Bureau (IC) has recently remarked.
In 2014, the IC administered a survey on the more than 100 properties to identify their historic value. The list has never been publicized by the bureau, raising concerns that the properties may become at-risk, as no public supervision is possible.
Furthermore, the IC has not tracked its progress in enlisting properties as legal heritage sites, although it announced on Tuesday a shortlist of 12 properties for public consultation.
In response to the concern, Leong pointed out that not publicizing the list of surveyed properties may better protect them. “We are not fond of or don’t think it is necessary to publicize the list,” Leong said.
Currently, Macau has enlisted a total of 147 items of properties as legal heritage sites. Meanwhile, of that list, 128 were enlisted before the promulgation of the Cultural Heritage Protection Law.
Among the more than 100 properties, around 60 have not yet had their historic value assessment procedures commenced. When questioned as to whether they will all see these procedures take place, Leong replied that it was still uncertain.
She added that some properties may not meet legal commencement conditions following reassessment. Procedures will only commence when a property meets legal requirements. AL

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