Inner Engineering online – yoga and meditation course for free

Best-selling author, visionary, and leading authority on yoga and meditation, Sadhguru is offering his online Inner Engineering program free of charge to healthcare providers during the coronavirus pandemic, “in gratitude and appreciation for their selfless service,” says a press release sent to the Times.
Sadhguru has reached over 100 million people worldwide through his yoga and meditation programs and has a YouTube viewership of over a billion who have experienced his tools for well-being. Isha Foundation reports that more than 9 million volunteers follow Isha practices regularly. The foundation’s flagship program, Inner Engineering has been provided online for over 10 years.
“This unprecedented time of worldwide crisis when much of society is forced indoors can now also be an opportunity for personal transformation through improved physical health, enhanced mental stability, and heightened spiritual well-being,” the organizers say.
The Inner Engineering program introduces “Sadhguru’s wisdom and insights and provides instruction for a daily yoga and meditation practice.” The daily practice presented here goes beyond physical activity and stretching – it aligns the body, mind, emotions, and energy for overall well-being – and can be incorporated into every aspect of one’s life with no lifestyle changes.
Surveys of regular practitioners have shown that daily practice can have meaningful positive effects on “reducing anxiety, depression, hypertension, asthma, headaches, neck and back pain, diabetes and insomnia,” the note states.
“At this time of acute anxiety and stress, Sadhguru’s online Inner Engineering program is a welcome and timely respite with beneficial implications for long after this crisis has passed.”
The Inner Engineering program consists of seven online sessions, each being 90 minutes in length.
Sadhguru is the founder of the Isha Institute of Inner Sciences based in McMinnville, Tennessee.
The institute is dedicated to raising human consciousness and fostering global harmony through individual transformation. Founded in 1998, Isha Foundation is an international non-profit, non-religious public service organization “dedicated to the cultivation of human potential.”
To register for Inner Engineering, visit MDT

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