Journalists’ Association hands petition to PSP

3 psp0707In a petition handed to the Public Security Police, the Macau Journalists Association has protested against the authorities’ alleged pre-judgement on the case where a member of the Chief Executive’s personal security allegedly pulled a female reporter to the ground when she attempted to interview Chui Sai On.
The association claimed that PSP has been giving contradictory accounts to the incident and failed to publish the CCTV footage or identify the agent involved.
One of the reporters attending yesterday’s routine police briefing, also a member of the Journalists Association, revealed that the authorities have invited the female reporter to give a statement. Nevertheless, he claimed that the reporter might not wish to talk to the police if they did not disclose the direction of the investigation. He also asked what the purpose of the investigation would be, since the PSP deputy commissioner has already denied that pulling took place during the incident.
“If the Deputy Commissioner [Mui San Meng of PSP] has claimed that there is no pulling in the incident. I want to know what you are trying to investigate then?”
The PSP spokesperson only revealed that PSP officers are being investigated. However, he claimed that they have to keep the matter, including the identification of the officers, confidential. “Since it is still in the middle of the investigation, it is not appropriate to reveal [any details],” he said.

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