Kiang Wu expects to offer assisted reproductive services in August

KIANG Wu Hospital is expecting to provide assisted reproductive services starting from August this year, according to Cheung Chun Wing, vice-president of the hospital.

The hospital has already completed the refurbishing of these service facilities and is currently installing the medical equipment for assisted reproduction.

Once the government inspects both the facilities and equipment, and approves their quality, Kiang Wu will then become licensed to operate assisted reproductive services.

According to Cheung, in order to set up facilities for the operation of assisted reproductive services, Kiang Wu Hospital transformed several floors of its specialized medical building into suitable spaces.

Currently, only the Conde S. Januário Hospital is licensed to provide assisted reproductive services. Several clinics that offered such services were shut down or suffered penalties.

In addition to the aforementioned work, the Kiang Wu Hospital has also applied to the government for the expansion of the building for outpatient services.

The hospital’s associated charity is conducting a study in relation to the expansion. Furthermore, discussions with the government over the construction height are being carried out.

The hospital vice-president noted that the future expansion of the outpatient service building will increase the size of the current building two or threefold.

In order not to jeopardize or cause any inconvenience to the hospital’s current outpatient service, the expansion works will be divided into different phases.

Cheung noted that the whole expansion is projected to be completed in five years. JZ

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