Local group, mainland hospital to jointly train Macau doctors


The Macao Youth Federation and the 5th Hospital of the Zhongshan University have recently signed an agreement to confirm the latter’s future input in training Macau medical graduates. The Youth Committee of the Macau Medical and Health Federation will take enrollment of recent medical graduates, who will receive regulated clinical training at the mainland hospital. The year-long training will be separated into four parts. The mainland hospital has a team of over 300 national or provincial level trainers. It is hoped that the initiative will help open more doors for local doctors.

Tourism board reminds local agencies not to cross red line

The Macao Government Tourism Office (MGTO) recently reminded local travel agencies about the mainland’s current ban on cross-border group tours, meaning no mainland group tours from Macau should be organized. Previously, mainland authorities caught several violations of the ban where Macau residents were organized in cross-border grouped tours. So far, the MGTO confirmed that five group tours were organized in Macau and participants flew directly to mainland destinations. As for punishment, the MGTO noted that investigations are still ongoing.

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