Lot A4 construction attracts five bids, costs up to MOP2.1b

The government received a total of five bids in the public tender for the construction of facilities in Lot A4 of Zone A of the newly reclaimed land, the Infrastructure Development Office (GDI) announced.

The bid presentation event took place on Tuesday at the GDI in which it was revealed that all proposals have been deemed valid according to the tender rules, with prices for the design and construction ranging between MOP.

Construction time for all bids ranged between 1,260 and 1,262 working days — about four years.

Lot A4 is a land plot with a total area of 18,699 square meters which includes public housing buildings as well as a public car park and other commercial and community facilities.

According to the GDI, the tender for construction on this land plot is for a single contract covering both design and construction. After the design project is concluded, the government will be able to confirm the final number of housing units included, as well as the types of units. The number of parking spaces will be also be finalized at this stage.

The requirements for the tender included a maximum of 1,400 working days for completion of the development, as well as two intermediate deadlines: 730 working days for completing the underground foundations and structures up to ground floor level, and 350 working days for the completion of the structures above ground level.

The tender also established that the construction of the buildings in this plot would use prefabricated elements as well as metal formwork, to alleviate the traffic pressure caused by the circulation of construction vehicles in Zone A and the Peninsula.

It was also pre-established that the winning contractor should acquire concrete from a specially built concrete factory within Zone A that would supply all the construction in this new area.

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