Macao Water will waive late charges during coronavirus period

Macao Water, the city’s sole water supplier, has announced that it will not suspend water supply to users who cannot settle their water bills in a timely manner, while waiving all late charges should a bill be settled after the payment deadline.
The decision was made in response to the interruptions of postal services made necessary by the development of the Covid-19 outbreak in Macau and around the world. Such an interruption may delay the receipt of water service bills to a date after the payment deadline.
To cope with the current conditions, Macao Water has made special arrangements. Unpaid amounts from the current bill will be carried across to the next bill.
In the meantime, users may opt to access their electronic water service bills by way of the WeChat public account or the Macao Water website. E-payment options, including credit card and online banking, are also available on the website.
Macao Water will maintain vigilance regarding the development of the epidemic and will update its clients using its various e-communication channels.

BNU offers credit packages to support local businesses

Alongside the measures taken by the government, Banco Nacional Ultramarino (BNU) has launched a special credit facility package in order to support the continuity of local businesses during this difficult period.
Aiming to provide diversified solutions that cover all lines of business, Macau companies are being invited to approach BNU with their special needs so that a solution may be catered for each case.
BNU said that the cases will be treated with priority processing and rapid approval, from business operational support, rental and payroll support or procurement of self-use hygiene products and equipment.
Loans of up to 1 million patacas may be offered for the procurement of business inventories or for certain self-use hygiene and medical products. Loans of up to 1.2 million patacas may be offered for business payroll and rental payments, with a grace period on the repayment of the principal for up to six months.
BNU has also asked that its customers make use of existing digital channels available for most day-to-day banking services, so as to limit the potential of a further coronavirus outbreak.

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