Macau IC2 celebrates anniversary with exhibition

The Macau IC2 (I Can Too) Association celebrated its 5th anniversary on Saturday with an exhibition displaying members’ work, and a performance of “We Are the World.” IC2 is the only NGO in Macau run by people with intellectual disabilities and autism.

Antonio Luis Leong, president of the Macau IC2 Association, said that the association is determined not to forget their original aims after five years of operation, which is to help others by serving society with a spirit of inclusiveness.

“This event is particularly important as a way to show the public the association members’ social skills and abilities,” said Ada Lo, a long-time volunteer at the association and advocate for the rights of people with disabilities. She added that the aim of the event is to show society their role and value, as it is not easy for them to run the association and organize these events.

Some of the activities that the IC2 association ran this year were a tree planting activity to promote environmental protection awareness on World Earth Day and fundraising for disaster relief to help with the severe floods in Henan, Zhengzhou. IC2 was also invited to participate in an international online conference, speaking on behalf of Macau’s youth.

IC2 currently has 165 members, providing training and leisure activities for members such as abacus and mental arithmetic, painting, handicraft making, knitting, mandala soul painting, storytelling and event planning training courses.

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