Macau Pass suspends payment functions of unregistered cards


Macau Pass yesterday suspended some passengers’ cards in order to identify those who had possibly boarded the same buses as confirmed Covid-19 patients, due to the potential risk of infection.
In a statement, the Novel Coronavirus Response and Coordination Centre stated that the move is necessary to identify these people through the bus ride records.
This measure is intended to alert individuals who may have traveled on the same bus with confirmed patients of Covid-19, allowing more effective tracking and tracing of these individuals.
This way, anyone who has had their card deactivated will know to head to the following link — — in order to verify whether their bus journey matches with a patient’s itinerary.
As the Covid-19 patients traveled via public bus, the government has quarantined some 855 residents identified as having a similar itinerary to the security guards who tested positive for Covid-19.
The government has called on the public to contact relevant authorities if they traveled from September 19 to 24 on one of the six bus routes that the Covid-19 patients took.
These bus routes are 25B, 26A, 33, 37, 101X and MT1.
When the epidemiological investigation concludes, SSM will notify the company to reactivate the payment function. Staff Reporter

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