Mainland talents enter HK under exit endorsement program

By the end of 2023, nearly 10,000 talents from the GBA entered Hong Kong utilizing the “exit endorsement for talents” program. The Hong Kong Secretary for Security, Tang Ping-keung, reported this significant influx at a Legislative Council meeting. This program, initiated in February 2023, categorizes talents into six sectors, including outstanding, scientific, educational, healthcare, legal, and others. Of these, 347 were classified as ‘outstanding’ with a five-year endorsement, while 5,872 in scientific, educational, or healthcare sectors, and 3,739 in legal and other sectors, received endorsements for three and one year respectively. Moreover, the 2023 Policy Address enables foreign staff of Hong Kong-registered companies to apply for “northbound” multiple entry visas to the mainland, reflecting an increase in cross-border professional mobility.

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