Mainland tourists baffled by redundant Covid-19 test required for casino entry

Some tourists from China have grumbled about what they consider to be the unfair treatment requiring only them, but not casino staff, to present a negative Covid-19 test result received within the previous seven days before entering casinos.
In the Lawmaker Agenda session before the Legislative Assembly (AL) plenary meeting yesterday, lawmaker Mak Soi Kun related the complaints voiced to him by mainland tourists.
Currently, all travelers from China are required to hold a negative virus test certificate before coming to Macau. However, the validity of the test may not coincide with that requested by casinos.
This is to say, mainland visitors who are already in Macau may be barred from getting into casinos, as their Covid-19 certificate conducted earlier is expired.
However, Mak pointed out that, all gaming staff, such as croupiers, do not have to comply with the requirement adding that they are permitted to walk into casinos freely as long as they have tested negative once before.
Visitors already having tested negative and possessing an expired certificate does not necessarily mean they are unsafe to the public, Mak argued, saying some visitors were mystified by the redundant regulation.

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