Melco’s 2,000-strong volunteer team join ‘Walk for a Million’

More than 2,000 staff from Melco Resorts & Entertainment and their families volunteered to take part in the annual charity event, “Walk for a Million”.

As part of the company’s enduring drive to support local small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), this year’s “Walk for a Million” uniform was designed by Chavin, a local Macau fashion brand and SME established in 2003. The uniforms were also made locally to support the city’s garment industry through the “Made in Macau” project.

Last year’s Melco “Walk for a Million” volunteer uniforms were created by young Macau fashion designer Ella Lei, winner of the company’s “Dare to Dream” competition.

This year, Melco donated 600,000 patacas to Readers of Macao Daily News Charity Fund to further support the organization’s charitable efforts.

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