MGM and IC unveil exhibition celebrating Barra’s heritage

Local resort operator MGM and the Cultural Affairs Bureau (IC) yesterday inaugurated an exhibition at Barra to present paintings, drawings and photographs on the neighborhood.

Titled “Reminiscences of Barra: A Visual Journey Archives and Arts Exhibition” and curated by the Macao Cultural Development Promotion Association, the exhibition is part of the larger Barra Spring Fest, a Lunar New Year gala held at the Navy Yard 1 and 2.

The exhibition explores themes of architectural conservation, community development, and cultural promotion, displaying artworks created by local artists that document Barra’s history. These artworks include documentary materials carefully singled out by the IC, as well as 70 watercolor paintings, traditional Chinese paintings, and photography works by Macau artists.

Audiences can explore Barra’s heritage from various angles through these art forms. The exhibition is also intended to serve as a stage for local artists to better showcase their creations.

Free guided tours are available at specific time slots on weekends, allowing visitors to experience the remarkable stories of Macau under the guidance of docents without needing to make an advance reservation.

To further enhance Barra district’s artistic ambiance and encourage public transportation usage, a gallery has been installed at the LRT Barra Station, showcasing artworks on the neighborhood using the station’s lightboxes.

The MGM hopes that the gallery will meld culture and tourism with transportation, creating a different experience for passengers commuting in and out of the district.

Additionally, an augmented reality (AR) experience, “Macao: Back to Common Roots,” introduced by renowned local artist Lok Hei, has been integrated into the MGM Macau Cruise sightseeing cruise launched last year. The company believes that this will enable passengers to utilize innovative technology to enhance their experience of Lok’s paintings, which depict eight milestones of Macau’s East-West cultural fusion.

The depiction provides an immersive cultural journey between two historical heritage areas in the Macau Peninsula and the Coloane Village in just 30 minutes.

At the opening ceremony, Director of Culture Deland Leong highlighted that the Barra district played a significant role in Macau’s industrial development.

“It once played a key role in local shipbuilding and now stands as a rather intact area of Macau’s maritime culture and industrial facilities,” she said. “Through this exhibition, which embraces histories and local artworks, [MGM and IC] aim to showcase the historical transitions and cultural richness of Barra district, encouraging more people to support and participate in its future development.”

Local SMEs are also invited to participate through running coffee shops, floral workshops, and souvenir stalls at the venue for the remainder of the spring fest. Choi Heong Yuen Bakery Macau, F. Rodrigues (suc.res) LDA, Yau Kei Dragon’s Beard Candy and Fill Café are among the participants.

Visitors will have the chance to participate in floral workshops, purchase their desired flowers, or take a few sips of coffee in the day (or other drinks at night) against the aesthetic backdrop of Barra Yard. Local performers have also been invited to provide entertainment.

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