MGM restaurants present variety of hairy crab delicacies

Imperial Court at MGM Macau and Chún at MGM Cotai are presenting a variety of creative hairy crab delicacies until November 30, made from premium hairy crabs only.

Hairy crabs fully mature in the ninth and 10th months of the lunar calendar, which means this is the best time of the year to feast on the much-loved crustaceans.

According to a statement issued by the gaming operator, the Imperial Court’s chef-recommended the
“Braised fillet of Macau sole with hairy crab roe in casserole” which elevates the sweetness of the crab roe with the soft and fresh seasonal local sole, served in a hot stone pot.

A creative little twist on the classic crab roe noodle dish, “Braised buckwheat noodles with scallop and hairy crab roe” adds flavor to the crab roe by pairing it with al dente buckwheat noodles. 

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