MGM takes action on employee wellness and health

MGM considers the health and safety of employees its utmost priority. For the fourth consecutive year, MGM Health and Safety Month was launched in October, with a series of exciting and thoughtful activities to raise employees’ awareness of health and safety, and help them develop an effective training regimen.

Coming up with the slogan “Wellness for Life, Work Safety in Mind,” the fun-filled MGM Health and Safety Month presented 8 Golden Lion Health Actions and workout videos starring Health Ambassador Leo Sincere. The month-long campaign commenced with “Different Draw – Different We Are,” a circle painting workshop where 200 volunteers co-created a special artwork. 

Other highlights included Health Check Point, with medical professionals providing BMI, body fat and glucose checkups for team members.

Meanwhile, the Qigong Ba Duan Jin Experience taught participants the gentle and effective movement sequences of Chinese Qigong, which helps participants improve their physical condition. Family-oriented activities were also held.

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