Miguel Ian | Former head loses FP job following prison sentence

The term of appointment of the former head of the Retirement and Pension System Department of the Public Pension Fund (FP), Miguel Ian, has automatically expired, the FP announced in a statement yesterday.
The FP noted that, according to the law, the appointment of the former official ended when he became unable to fulfill his duties for 12 months or more, which is the current situation.
Ian was involved in a corruption case concerning the Macao Trade and Investment Promotion Institute (IPIM). He was sentenced by a court to four years in prison.
Prior to the cessation of the appointment, former Secretary for Administration and Justice, Sónia Chan, ordered his appointment be terminated, an order which was due to have taken effect on September 9.
However, the Court of Final Instance has deemed the order procedurally unlawful, on the grounds that the administration did not provide a hearing to Ian in advance, thus denying him the chance to defend himself.
The recent statement issued by the FP also confirmed the cancellation of the unlawful order.
The IPIM case involved a total of 26 suspects, including Ian. AL

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