Macau Daily Times will not publish its print edition Thursday still due to the influence of Typhoon Kompasu, which affects the operation from printing to distribution. We will be publishing the news online only, with regular updates throughout the day. The paper edition will be back on the stands on Monday, October 18.

* Low-income residents come first
— Government launches new modest package of economic relief, cash handout to low-income residents

* Typhoon Kompasu | Signal 8 may be hoisted tonight

* Following the announcement of high-frequency nucleic acid test on minority groups, some shops have allegedly started banning customers of Vietnamese origin

* Hao vs LVS: Witness reaffirms major changes to bidders score done by gov’t commission

* Talks between Indian and Chinese army commanders to disengage troops from key friction areas along their border have ended in a stalemate




Tuesday, October 12, 2021 – edition no. 3874

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