Mother and daughter found deceased in apartment

The bodies of two women, later identified as a mother and daughter, were found in an apartment on Estrada do Cemitério in Macau around noon on Tuesday, as reported by the Judiciary Police (PJ).

The case came to light when a landlord, unable to contact his tenants, enlisted the help of a locksmith to enter the residence. The two bodies were found in an advanced state of decomposition.

According to the landlord, he decided to break into the unit after losing contact with the tenants, an elderly woman and her middle-aged daughter.

The landlord also said he had attempted to contact them on several occasions as the rent had been unpaid, but to no avail.

According to the preliminary examination conducted by PJ forensics investigators, the bodies appeared to have died around a year ago or longer.

No one appeared to have noticed the two women’s absence or reported them as missing to the police.

Neighbors did not report anything out of the ordinary, and no complaints were made about the smell.

The PJ also said that there were no signs of struggle or fight in the apartment and no signs of theft.

No items suspected to be involved in the death of the two women, either by murder or suicide, were identified.

For the time being, the PJ is categorizing the incident as the discovery of bodies, with the exact cause of death to be determined after an in-depth forensic examination.

As crime has not yet been ruled out as a potential cause of the deaths, the case has been handed to the PJ criminal investigation department for follow-up.

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