Motorcyclist that ran over octogenarian charged with manslaughter

A motorcyclist is being charged with manslaughter resulting from a traffic accident Sunday morning at Avenida de Sidonio Pais, the Public Security Police Force (PSP) spokesperson, Kam Ka Kit, informed yesterday at a joint press conference held at the Judiciary Police (PJ) headquarters.

According to the spokesperson, the accident occurred at 8:20 a.m. when the motorcyclist riding on Avenida de Sidonio Pais in the direction of Flora Garden was unable to stop in time, colliding with a woman, over 80 years of age, who was trying to cross the road.

The serious accident led to a rerouting of traffic in the area in order to facilitate the job of the rescuers deployed in the aftermath of the crash.

The woman was taken to the hospital in a very serious condition and died at around 4:30 p.m. on the same day.

The motorcyclist, who suffered only light injuries, told the police that the woman was crossing the road in a place not suitable for pedestrian crossing and of low visibility. These factors prevented him from stopping his motorcycle in time before hitting the pedestrian.

However, according to the traffic regulation, the rider is considered guilty of negligence and the case was forwarded to the public prosecutions office (MP) to with the charge of manslaughter.

‘Fictional crime’ to hide casino loses

A man from the mainland is being charged with making false declarations to the police after he filed a report claiming to have been robbed by a group of people in order to justify a gambling loss of HKD21,000 that belonged to his boss, the PJ spokesperson informed at yesterday’s press conference.

The man reported to the PJ that at around 2 a.m. on Sunday, he met a foreigner woman at Rua de Nagasaki, right beside the PJ headquarters, who had offered him “sexual services.” After agreeing on the price for such service, they entered a taxi and drove to an unknown location in Taipa. Upon arrival, he said that he exited the taxi only to be attacked by a group of three men of African ethnicity.

He said that he managed to run away but they took his jacket, his bank cards and the sum of HKD21,000 in cash that belongs to his boss.

After investigation, the PJ found out that he had lied about the events he had earlier reported, since the PJ found out that he had been playing all evening in Rio Casino and had left such place only ten minutes before filing the report with the PJ.

The police also found his allegedly stolen jacket in a garbage bin nearby.

The 27-year-old driver is now being charged with making false declarations to the authorities about a non-existent crime.

Virtual boyfriend scam

A married, 53-year-old local resident was scammed by a virtual boyfriend she met on a social network, the PJ revealed.

The woman complained to the police that she had met the man over a social network platform in February this year. She said that they became friends initially, but the relationship developed into a virtual romance.

The man said he was a businessman in charge of an oil drilling project in Italy.

More recently the man told her that the project was at risk because he did not have enough money to fix problems with the machinery that needed urgent repairs and maintenance.

He asked the victim for help and the woman agreed to send money to him in three different bank transfers totaling 30,000 euros (approximately MOP275,440).

After that the victim said she lost the contact with the man, realizing that it was in fact a scam and filing the complaint with the PJ.

Wife prosecutes vanishing husband

A local woman has filed a complaint against a man from the mainland for coercion. However, the police realized that the man was in fact married to the women in a strange case that also suggests that the marriage is fraudulent.

The case started in 2010, when the victim and the suspect were married. After that, the woman said that the husband vanished and lost all contact for a period of seven years.

In 2017 the man suddenly resurfaced contacting the woman to request her to process the necessary documents to grant him permanent residency in Macau. The woman ignored the requests and, instead, filed a case in the courts of Macau for a legal divorce from the man.

At the same time, the man continued to insist that she should help him to process the permanent residency card promising to send her money.

The victim did not believe him and, noting that during the past years he never helped her financially, she ignored his requests and processed the divorce.

On March 12, the man managed to contact her through a mobile communication application and issued his threats, leading the woman to file a complaint with the PJ the next day.

On March 14, the police found the man in the surroundings of the building where the woman resides and arrested him. The case has been forwarded to the MP under the accusation of coercion.

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