MSAR and Singapore are top choices for Chinese gamblers

Chinese gamblers prefer Singapore and Macau as destinations but neighboring regions such as South Korea are becoming increasingly appealing too, according to a study conducted by China Outbound Tourism Research Institute (COTRI) quoted by Asia Gambling Brief.
“The Chinese are discovering more and more smaller destinations, for leisure trips, for investment, and also for gambling. The share of destinations outside the Top 10 list of Chinese travellers will grow from 19 percent in the last twelve months to 24 percent in the forthcoming year,” COTRI director, Professor Wolfgang Georg Arlt wrote.
The research indicates that the growth rate of border crossings from Mainland China is likely to reach 18 percent in the coming year.
“Despite the insecurity of the global situation, the ongoing anti-corruption campaign, and the still difficult relations between China and many surrounding countries, China‘s outbound tourism is continuing to grow at a steady pace, with more and more Chinese spreading out all over the planet, discovering destinations and travel forms more diverse than ever,” said professor Wolfgang.

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